Nova Versa is Cross Media Marketing Consulting Agency that has acquired a long-standing and successful advertising agency operational for over 20 years - NormadBlend Reclamebureau.
A new version of the agency was created that uses innovative techniques and melds some of the marketing industries best practices.

With are passionate about digital signage and we are an agency that was born out of a need to create more awareness about the great many possibilities this medium can provide as it supports and complements all other mediums within the media mix.

We advise brands on how to use digital signage as a key component of the communication channel.

By utilizing emerging technologies, collaborating with strategic partners, and leveraging the proximity of the target market, Nova Versa is committed to delivering business value to its customer's digital signage initiatives.

We believe in utilizing human behaviour and psychology to add to our strategic insights and creative direction when using cross-channel marketing and engaging the viewer, customer and shopper.

We strive to help our clients build effective strategies around all points of the customer experience in order to ensure success in getting a return on the business objective.