Digital signage is used for many different purposes:

Public information - news, weather and local information, directions, maps inform customers of locally supplied products and services, local events and initiatives, as well as supporting social and health responsibilities that impact everyday personal and community living.

Brand building - in-store digital signage to promote the brand and build a brand identity.

Influencing customer behaviour - directing customers to different areas, increasing the dwell time on the store premises.

Internal information - corporate, company news, incentives and achievements, as well as product training and advance notice of forth-coming promotions.

Advertising - either related to the location the signage is in or just using the audience reach of the screens for general advertising.

Enhancing customer experience - applications include the reduction of perceived wait time in restaurant waiting areas, bank queues, etc., as well as recipe demonstrations in food stores.

Enhancing the environment - with interactive screens (in the floor for example) or with dynamic way-finding.