Nova Versa can assemble dedicated teams which we call 'Drive' - providing a full-service media, communications and design service as well as house style and marketing consultancy to the client.

Over the past seven years our clients have found this service invaluable as a specialized unit with its main focus on communication services.

Drive's Unique Selling Points
Drive is a turnkey option that delivers its services in close cooperation with the clients' Head Office Network Marketing Division. A fully customizable service package, including communication material, network activity management and budget oversight by period and activity.

This results in maximum control and flexibility for the client.

Services of Drive

A sampling of the services Drive offers:

  • Support in communications, media and sales planning.
  • Development and execution of advertising campaigns.
  • Regional and local media buying for the advertising campaigns.
  • Products and services for the development of events.
  • Full service provider for direct mailings, newsletters.
  • Design and production of Point of Sale material.
  • Lead generation and executions of local and regional sponsor activities.
  • Development of relationship marketing and brand loyalty activities.
  • Multi-channel marketing strategies.
  • Digital signage, Outdoor advertising, Internet viral's.
  • Development of websites, landing pages and micro-sites.